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The Sydney Kitchen

Hi!  This post is brought to you by the Sydney Kitchen.

Not too large, but thank God, not too small either.

With a gas oven I’m still figure out how to use.

And a sweet kitchen table to eat at.

This is my version of the Edmond Cookbook – from 2005, the 56th edition of this venerable publication.

And so we begin – with a cake.  And it really is JUST the perfect weekend for a cake.


About edmondscookbookchallenge

Sisters in different countries sharing the same cookbook... we are making recipes from the book each week.

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  1. I love your kitchen. I was just nagging, ahem, mentioning to David that I really want a table in our kitchen, it’s so homely.

  2. It is SO homely! Plus when you forget something, it’ only an arm length away. We pretty much live in our kitchen.

  3. I totally would too. I’m having a giant clean up of my kitchen. I think I might post some pictures here of some of my collections. What do you think??


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