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Passionfruit Layer cake, or Heaven on a Plate!

Ok so my first cake was this cake. Oh me oh my…

It was super super easy to make, really it was. It came together in no time at all. Why have I never made it before??

Let me tell you, there is only a couple of pieces left, it is that delicious.

Yum! I think it will make a great gluten free cake too, so I’m going to try it out for James sometime. Definitely a make-again cake, and so simple. My goodness I’m in heaven.

Meat loaf next?? why not…. om nom nom xxx


About edmondscookbookchallenge

Sisters in different countries sharing the same cookbook... we are making recipes from the book each week.

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  1. Oh my gosh it looks delicious!! I WANT.

  2. That looks so good. Good old edmonds. I might have to join in on your challenges!

  3. yum! i have never seen heard of this one before. LOOKS AMAZING!


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