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Meatloaf from the Sydney Kitchen

So, last night was meatloaf night.  Now, I’ve never made meatloaf nor even can I really remember eating it.  Though surely I have?  Anyhoo, I made it for the first time last night.

Easy peasy recipe, as Edmonds tends to be.  Didn’t make much mess and mostly used ingredients that I already had.  Except for sausage meat.  Not much call for that around these parts.

I love my (kmart) bowls.  They are so bright and cheerful in my kitchen.

I have learned my lesson with this oven of mine.  It needs to be a few degrees (say 20) above whatever the recipe says.  So, I followed the cooking time to the letter and it turned out PERFECT.  Freaking deliciously perfect.

Simona was super happy to come home to dinner on the table after her suturing workshop.

Wow, that is how you spell suturing.  I’ve been wondering.

Look at that meat and three vege meal!  Love it.

Chalk up another success.  Your turn to pick next weeks Christchurch…


I love gadgets…

Honestly I do. I love kitchen gadgets,
especially old ones!
I think I own at least three lemon squeezers.

Passionfruit Layer cake, or Heaven on a Plate!

Ok so my first cake was this cake. Oh me oh my…

It was super super easy to make, really it was. It came together in no time at all. Why have I never made it before??

Let me tell you, there is only a couple of pieces left, it is that delicious.

Yum! I think it will make a great gluten free cake too, so I’m going to try it out for James sometime. Definitely a make-again cake, and so simple. My goodness I’m in heaven.

Meat loaf next?? why not…. om nom nom xxx