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Meatloaf from the Sydney Kitchen

So, last night was meatloaf night.  Now, I’ve never made meatloaf nor even can I really remember eating it.  Though surely I have?  Anyhoo, I made it for the first time last night.

Easy peasy recipe, as Edmonds tends to be.  Didn’t make much mess and mostly used ingredients that I already had.  Except for sausage meat.  Not much call for that around these parts.

I love my (kmart) bowls.  They are so bright and cheerful in my kitchen.

I have learned my lesson with this oven of mine.  It needs to be a few degrees (say 20) above whatever the recipe says.  So, I followed the cooking time to the letter and it turned out PERFECT.  Freaking deliciously perfect.

Simona was super happy to come home to dinner on the table after her suturing workshop.

Wow, that is how you spell suturing.  I’ve been wondering.

Look at that meat and three vege meal!  Love it.

Chalk up another success.  Your turn to pick next weeks Christchurch…


I love gadgets…

Honestly I do. I love kitchen gadgets,
especially old ones!
I think I own at least three lemon squeezers.

Passionfruit Layer cake, or Heaven on a Plate!

Ok so my first cake was this cake. Oh me oh my…

It was super super easy to make, really it was. It came together in no time at all. Why have I never made it before??

Let me tell you, there is only a couple of pieces left, it is that delicious.

Yum! I think it will make a great gluten free cake too, so I’m going to try it out for James sometime. Definitely a make-again cake, and so simple. My goodness I’m in heaven.

Meat loaf next?? why not…. om nom nom xxx

Challenge 1: Sydney : Cake!

So, first challenge was Cake.  I made the ‘Lemon Sour Cream Cake’.

The Sumo was also baking (she’s on the “Procrastibaking” roster this week at Uni) so we baked this kitchen into the sweetest smelling place in Sydney.  It was so fun, adding ingredients, mixing and passing things to each other, all while listening to Adele.  She made it perfect and reminded me yet again how lucky I am to have a niece who has better taste in music than me.

So anyways, this was a super easy recipe to make.  I love how Edmonds has so few ingredients – such simple but perfect food.

I was again grateful for the Sumo’s crazy love of gadgets – her microplane made my life so easy this afternoon.

It turned out perfect.  Took a bit longer than expected in our oven – I think it’s a bit cooler at the lower temperatures.  I also used a silicone cake ‘tin’ which I never have before.  I’ve been trying to find a thrifted tin the right size but had to resort to Kmart in the end.  At $4 a pop, you can’t go too wrong.  So here it is.  On my thrifted 1970’s Australian made plate, on my thrifted table cloth, having just inhaled a piece of a sweet thrifted saucer cut with a gorgeous art deco thrifted knife.  Okay, so there’s a lot of thrifting going on!

It’s going to my pot luck lunch on Tuesday at work.  I’m afraid they are going to tease me like crazy because there’s a piece missing.  I had to try it.  It is the most moist, lemony delicious piece of happiness that ever graced my kitchen.  Seriously.  Note this one down next to Things-I’ll-Definitely-Make-Again.

Simona, by the way, made this crazy slice thing that Shaun’s mum makes.  It turned out perfect too.  Successful afternoon!

I propose that the next challenge be Meat Loaf.  Go on!

The Christchurch Kitchen is ready for business…

Yesterday I scrubbed the kitchen rangehood and the stove back and all the surrounding areas, and sorted out the three messiest cupboards in my kitchen. It feels so much better and is a delight to be in. Hurray! I can’t wait to start baking now.

The Sydney Kitchen

Hi!  This post is brought to you by the Sydney Kitchen.

Not too large, but thank God, not too small either.

With a gas oven I’m still figure out how to use.

And a sweet kitchen table to eat at.

This is my version of the Edmond Cookbook – from 2005, the 56th edition of this venerable publication.

And so we begin – with a cake.  And it really is JUST the perfect weekend for a cake.

Let the cooking begin….

 The Edmonds Factory was an iconic building in Christchurch
when we were growing up.
Their distinctive logo was recognised from everywhere.

This blog is a colaboration between Deb in Christchurch
and Sharyn in Sydney.
We plan each week to cook something from the book
and share it with each other (and you).

This is Deb’s book, all worn and stained
and ready to go….